Following the declaration of a State of Alert by the government due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, and the subsequent application of a a lock-down, all church meetings (including the Drop In and Prayer Meetings) are suspended for an indefinite period.
We will look to restart meetings as soon as we can, dependent on legal requirements and the protection of people's health.
Sermons are being posted weekly, but they are quite a bit shorter than usual.
We will monitor the unfolding situation, and make announcements as necessary. 
Update: Although the lock-down is being eased somewhat, and the church could theoretically reopen, the requirements of doing so would be extremely difficult.
We have therefore decided NOT to reopen the church, until conditions improve.
We anticipate that this will take several weeks.
Drop In restart
Good news! The Drop In has restarted on Fridays, in the Cherry Tree Restaurant, near Campanario in Corralejo from 1000h to 1130h, lead by Ron and Shellie Baumback.
It is a place for people to sit, have a coffee, chat, and pray.
We pray for its success in meeting people's needs by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Prayer Meeting
We believe that nothing much is accomplished in the kingdom of God that is not birthed and sustained by prayer.
Accordingly, we have started an (approximately) monthly prayer meeting to pray for revival in the church, and a move of God on this island.
If you are passionate about a move of God here, we invite you to join with us.
Just contact us to get the date of the next meeting.
And talking about prayer ...
Prayer Course
We have just finished running a Prayer Course series of meetings.
The Prayer Course is a series of eight informal videos, which last about an hour each, and has the aim of helping us to improve (or start!) our prayer lives.
If you are interested injoining a future course, please contact us.
Our weekly sermons are available free at (
The Cross Worldwide
A Christian radio station, with different streams available for different music styles, is also available on our Podcast page.
The button is at the top right of the page.
Sat-Nav systems
We have added Plus Codes and GPS coordinates to the Meeting page, for those who wish to use a Sat-Nav system to find us.
Faros Christian Fellowship