Future ministries
Changes are coming to Faros Christian Fellowship, as new ministries are starting up.
At this important time, we ask for prayer, so that we may hear the Spirit clearly, and act with faith in accordance with his plans.
And keep checking this page!
New Sunday meetings
From Sunday, 1st September, we will be holding additional meetings at 1830h, which will be led by Ron & Shellie Baumback.
This will obviously be a help to those who work on Sundays, and cannot attend the existing meeting in the morning.
Of course, everyone is welcome to attend BOTH meetings!
Drop in
The Drop In is now being run in the church building every Monday, between 1000h and 1200h.
It is a place for people to meet, chat, help and encourage - whilst having a coffee.
If you need to have chat, or know somebody who does, feel free to join us.
This ministry is being led by Ron & Shellie Baumback, having been on their hearts for several years.
Prayer Meeting
We believe that nothing much is accomplished in the kingdom of God that is not birthed and sustained by prayer.
Accordingly, we will be starting a monthly prayer meeting in the church building to pray for revival in the church, and a move of God on this island.
It will start at 1630h on Friday, 12th July - a time when other churches are also praying for revival, and with which we can share what God does.
If you are passionate about a move of God, we invite you to join with us.
Our weekly sermons are available free at (
The Cross Worldwide
A Christian radio station, with different streams available for different music styles, is also available on our Podcast page.
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