Faros Christian Fellowship
Sunday meetings
1100hCelebration meeting.  This is a friendly and informal meeting, with teaching from the Bible, and contemporary worship songs.
Meetings are operating with very limited capacity, so if you are intending to visit us, we advise you to check with us in advance that we can give you access to the meeting.
In the meeting, you must obey the safety precautions in place, especially wearing a mask at all times during the meeting, unless you are exempt under Spanish law (i.e.people who have a certified medical condition that precludes them from wearing a mask, or child under 6 years old - although children's masks for ages 3 to 5 are still recommended.)
Finding us
The church building is located at Calle Pizarro 8, in the centre of Corralejo.
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Plus Code: P4QJ+H5 Corralejo  (This works well with Google maps and certain other maps)
GPS co-ordinates:
+28.738974693074653  (28º  44’  20.309” N),       
-13.869616985321045  (13º  52’  10.621" W)
Midweek meetings
Midweek meetings are currently being held over the Zoom Video Conferencing system. If you would like to join us in these, please get in touch with us.
We use Whatsapp to distribute information on these, so you would need to be able to use Whatsapp, as well as Zoom.
Fuerteventura Drop In
Under the present circumstances, the Drop In has now moved on line, as a Facebook group.
It is a group offering support, help and counselling for people suffering from depression or anxiety. Or people who simply want someone to talk to ...
Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444387659812354/?ref=share