Faros Christian Fellowship

Contact us

The easiest way to contact us is direct via email at gerhard@faros.church
An alternative in case of difficulties with emails is to phone us on our landline at +34 928 861 986

In case of an urgent situation, where neither of the these works, our phone number is +34 697 470 220

The + symbol in the above numbers can be either typed in directly on mobile phones, or replaced with the International Access Code for your country if you are using a landline (00 in most of Europe and most of the rest of the world).
We have a Facebook page for the church at https://www.facebook.com/faros.cf, where you can post comments, read flash news, and review the church.
Data Privacy

A Data Protection Statement is available here that details what personal data Faros Christian Fellowship stores, and how it is processed and stored, as well as certain rights that individuals have over the use of their personal data.

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